Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hidden Hearts

The release of Bijou's first ever collection 'Hidden Hearts' is inching closer and closer with each day...and I couldn't be more excited!!

Why the name Hidden Hearts you may ask? Well for those who don't know, the name 'Bijou' (meaning jewel) is of Parisian influence and has fuelled the story of the girl behind the Bijou Vintage brand. The Bijou girl is not only a dreamer, but most literally a 'hidden jewel' when you stop and think about it, there is no other title that could be more appropriate for our first collection than this one.

After days and nights spent altering and restoring pieces from the collection, I couldn't help but utter a sigh of relief when I went to shoot the Lookbook for Hidden Hearts. For some reason, I am finding myself obsessed with blazers this season. Regardless of the colour or style, there is no denying that a good blazer makes a winter outfit, so I hope it serves as no shock to see the amount of blazers I have going up for sale in the upcoming week!

{Red Pocket Blazer, Navy Button Down Blazer & High Waisted Boat Short}

On the afternoon of our shoot, the sun peaked through the clouds just long enough for Mitchell (my very patient and very wonderful) boyfriend to take some amazing photographs for the Bijou Vintage Lookbook. Not only did he do an amazing job of capturing the striking scene that surrounded us on Friday afternoon, but he also managed to encapsulate the raw beauty of the Bijou Vintage brand with each click of his camera. :)

Serving to feature my pick of key looks, this Lookbook is one of many that will be released with each collection Bijou Vintage brings to you. In Hidden Hearts my favourite piece is undoubtedly the black lace jumpsuit that I was so lucky to find on one of my shopping adventures. I hope you love it as much as I do.

{Black Lace Jumpsuit & Cropped Fur Jacket}

{Vintage Black Leather Bag & Sheer Blue Button Down Shirt}
Rachel xx


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