Thursday, June 17, 2010

And So The Story Begins...

It's kind of funny where life takes you. This time last year, I was finishing up my HSC and had big plans to study at University, finish a three year degree, and leap head first into the big wide world. Twelve months on, it seems my life has taken a completely different path. It turns out that University wasn't really for me (well at least the course I was studying!) and my aspiration to head straight into the workforce isn't as strong. For those who know me, it's kind of obvious that a lot about me has changed over the past year, however one thing has always remained constant- my love for all things fashion.

I have always umm'ed and ahh'ed at the possibility of opening an online store, after all 'what would people think?'. But being the dreamer (and shop-a-holic) I am, the even bigger voice in my head kept saying 'Go for it!'. If there is one thing I will never forget from school, it would be a comment made by one of my old friends

'You may never have a lot of money Rachel, but you'll always have really nice clothes'.
(If your reading this, Thanks Annie!)

For some reason, amongst the chaos that is life, this has always been something I have never forgotten. So if this was in fact true, then why not share it with the rest of the world?

So after years of collecting fashion magazines and months of dreaming big, here I am today, starting a little something I like to call Bijou Vintage. Although it's inception is only in its early stages, Bijou Vintage is an online boutique, specialising in the highest calibre of vintage pieces and pre-loved labels. My pieces will be handpicked with love from the streets of my local area, Sydney and wherever my travels may take me.

The possibilities are endless, and so the story begins...

For as it's name suggests, Bijou is simply a hidden jewel, waiting to be discovered, admired and loved by all.

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